Marc works one-on-one with clients and patients (prehab and rehab respectively) in private practice. Again there is a strong focus on sports medicine. 98% of our clients are athletes, fighters, gymnasts, mountain bikers, dancers, and other sports people seeking to either improve their athletic performance or are returning from injury and are wanting to build greater resilience to reduce the likelihood of re-injury. Services include the provision of the following:

  • Assessing patients, and providing treatment or referral as appropriate;
  • Writing corrective exercise plans;
  • Providing general nutrition advice and hydration plans;
  • Developing and delivering early-phase agility programs for injury reduction;
  • Monitoring and administering medication, pain relief, and intravenous infusions;
  • Assisting patients with recovery from exercise-induced-inflammatory-response, through use of soft tissue release techniques, kinesiology taping, sports massage, and instrument assisted neuro-sensory modulation;
  • Identifying opportunities to benchmark, track and improve the athletic performance of patients, by recording biomarkers and other relevant health information;
  • arranging the supply of pathology analysis of hair tissue, blood, saliva and stool samples; and,
  • Liaising with laboratory technicians and Doctors, and communicating reports and recommendations back to patients.
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